Vintage Style French Santos Madonna Crown, Medium

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This is a French vintage style reproduction Santos crown that is popular for not only Santos dolls, but also for vintage style and French style decorating, as well as photography props. This is the same series of popular crowns used by top photographers. This vintage style crown was also featured in "Oprah at Home" magazine.

Inside diameter at opening base of the crown is 3.75 inches (with its inside circumference close to 11.75 inches), and 7 inches wide at the top. From top to bottom, it stands approx. 5 inches tall. 

It is in varying shades of silver and brassy gold. Highly antiqued and (thus) has small bits of 'rust'. I.e. it looks very old, but it is a new piece.

The crown is made of metal, and has clear rhinestones. It is designed with stars, fleur-de-lis, and small flowers. It's perfect for Santos Doll displays, but if you want to display it on a doll, you may want to pad the inside of the crown, to protect your doll/figure's head. (This should be no problem if your doll wears a wig.)

If used permanently on your doll, or you are not displaying with a wig, make sure to secure the crown with some sort of wax, putty, or other fixative that is safe for your particular doll (not included).

Of course, this crown can also be perfectly perched on any mantle piece or shelf by itself! Place it on a mannequin head, or even use it as a tree topper or cake topper. It's a gorgeous display of vintage style religious art and French decor.