Santos (Cage) Dolls: 2015 and Beyond!

Happy 2015!

Ready for... new experiences?!

Your favorite Santos site has undergone an exciting change! 

Even though right now (Jan. 2015) we DO have some Santos stock left, the website does indeed no longer sell Santos Dolls or related saintly décor.

Yet somehow we just... more than doubled the site's Santos 'inventory'!


Please allow us to explain! now functions as an archive! Pouring over our vast cache of photos of antique-style Santos for weeks, in the last quarter of 2014 - trying to decide which ones were going to be included in our 'Santos of Years Past' anniversary photo album installments - was the initial spark. As the weeks passed we got closer and closer to our 'end date'. And it became more and more clear we could not simply shut down this website! And at the last moment, at the year's end, we knew that with a little bit of extra effort we could - and 'should'! - keep this site open - even if it would no longer stock Santos and their lovely likes!

So, by showcasing most of this site's past Santos Dolls and related treasures, now not only archives many more Santos Dolls than all the 'Santos of Years Past' installments combined, it also has many more photos of Santos Dolls - plus of course all(?) past product descriptions! Last but not least also archives an abundance of other Santos décor we carried over the years. Crowns! Wings! Milagros! Lockets - and more!

Is that all, folks?!
Time will tell if there will be any further changes made to the site. For potential future news your best bet is to (at least) occasionally check our page on Facebook.


Please do understand that for the time being (and possibly permanently) any emails, messages, phone calls, inquiries, etc. to/for/about - including on Facebook and Pinterest - may not get a response from us; we literally do have other business attend to. ;) An important exception to that 'rule of silence': In January 2015 we will still provide mail and email customer service for any Santos décor purchased from us in December 2014.

Folks... Stay tuned!

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