Christmas Santos Sale [ended] - and 2015 details!

Season's greetings!
The Christmas Santos Sale has ended.


Rest assured,
BTW, that even though we 'close' permanently on January 1,'s email customer service will still be available that first month of 2015, for December purchases from the site. :) Also, we intend to keep the site 'up' for at least part of 2015 - albeit without Santos décor available here then.


Then, the very last time
we're adding Santos (and more) back in stock recently arrived... Find the following treasures among other recent additions:

  • 30" Green Santos Articulated Mannequin on Stand
  • French Star Drape Crown w/ Rhinestones (M & S)
  • 27" Blue Santos Cage Doll
  • 23" Sage Green Winged Angel on Cloud
  • 25" Paper Mache Santa Maria Angel Statue (5 photos)



since the last blog there have been 2 new installments of our 'Santos of Years Past' anniversary album. Part 10 includes the following 'discontinued' Saints:

  • Wendy Addison Dressed Santos Angel Dolls with Mirror Wings & Crown
  • 13" San Augustin Santos Cage Doll with Halo & Sandaled Feet
  • Seated Articulated Santos Mannequin
  • 11" Paper Mache Santos Bust with Stand

Click here to access the photos, as well as previous editions.




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