NEW: Santos Archive, Wholesale List, Shopping Info... and Advertising!

First off, for those who come to shop, our Santos can now be found HERE. (Valentine's Day gifts, anyone?) is now a large archive! In fact, it just doubled its 'inventory' by reintroducing many Santos of years past - adding them to your saintly favorites of more recent times.

And two additional new features for 2015 include:

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    27" Santos Cage Doll, Cream & Taupe

    This is our most popular Santos - With the beautiful expression on her face it is no...


    22" Primitive Santos Cage Doll, with Painted Flaming Heart

    We love this Santos cage doll in particular, because of the extensive work that has...


    36" Santos Cage Doll with Boat Bastidor and Cherub Base

    This very tall 36 1/2" Santos cage doll sits atop a traditional Spanish Colonial sty...


    22" Cream Santos Cage Doll

    One of the 'Saintly Seven' Santos Dolls - our own, exclusive*, Co...


    27" Santos Cage Doll, Blue

    This beautiful lady is a vintage-style Santos Cage Doll. She is very light skinned,...


    31" Santos Cage Doll, Dark Grey

    This tall and beautiful Santos is quite mysterious with her bright eyes and dark dre...


    31" Whitewashed Santos Cage Doll

    This wonderful whitewashed Santos cage doll is a natural beauty! Photos really do no...


    20" Santos Cage Doll, Mauve/Taupe

    This beautiful lady is a vintage-style Santos Cage Doll. She is fair-skinned, with s...


    "My Love" Folk Art Santos Cage Angel by Nicol Sayre

    This lovely primitive Santos caged folk art angel is designed by folk artist Nicol S...


    36" All Wood, Hand Carved Santos in Antique Earthtones

    This is truly one of the most exquisite contemporary Santos that we have had the p...


    Many more Santos!